Aims & Objectives

This site aims to provide a resource for genealogical searches related to the Holmes family, predominantly within the UK but with some links overseas.

The objective of the site is to cover as many members of the family as possible, but it will (of necessity) initially be limited to those branches related to the webmaster (Steve Holmes). Input from other branches of the family is sought (and welcomed!) with a view to expanding the scope of the site and discovering as-yet-unknown family links.

All relationships and dates given for the people on the Family Tree have been derived either from personal testimony or directly from Civil / Parish / Census records and so may be regarded as accurate. It is believed that the tree is "complete", in the sense that no person is thought to be missing from the tree as presented. However, further descendants of some of the more distant branches had to be omitted due to reasons of space, as were the ancestors of most of the non-Holmes spouses. Many of these are, as mentioned on the Front Page, listed within the Family Tree Browser. In addition, it is virtually certain that some branches will have unknown descendants, due to the difficulty of tracing, and then proving a link to, those who have moved substantially away from their last recorded location. As with all genealogical research, the Family Tree is thus very much a "work in progress"!