You can download a printable version of the Family Tree and the Holmes Shield from this website.

The Family Tree file is in Portable Document Format (.pdf), so should be readable by almost all systems.

There are two versions of the Shield. The smaller one is a copy of the image used on this website, appropriate for use on other websites, while the larger one is suitable for use in documents or for printing.

The three files are contained within a single compressed file, in ZIP format. Newer computers will allow you to access the files from within the ZIP file, older ones will need to extract them first using a program such as WinZip©. Files in ZIP format usually have the file extension .zip but to avoid problems which might be caused by systems automatically starting up a program associated with this extension I have used the extension ".ziz".

To download, left click on "Download Now" then select 'Save' or 'Save file' or 'Save this file to disk' (depending on which browser you are using) to store the file in a convenient location using the dialog box. Finally, rename the file you downloaded by changing the extension to ".zip" rather than ".ziz" - you can now open it in your usual way.

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If you encounter difficulties with the download or any of the files, please contact the website manager (Steve Holmes) .